We engineer and manufacture some of the most cost effective, energy efficient and durable industrial dryers in the world. Our machines are available with a range of capacity, performance and safety features, and can process hundreds of pounds of laundry in a single load. When you need durability and consistent performance, you can count on Powerline products to keep your business running at peak efficiency.


High Performance Tumble Dryers
High Performance Tumble Dryers

The High-Performance DP series tumble dryer is unlike any other in the industry. Discover the benefits of the engineering and workmanship that have gone into creating this fine piece of equipment. The gas-heated burners ignite instantaneously to achieve the desired temperature quickly. Heat is also distributed as the airflow is directed into the cylinder with minimal loss. Felt seals are provided to reduce loss of air from the drying cylinder. This series also features a sturdy cylinder design with double sealed bearings and a quiet belt drive. The pulleys are cast iron for durability. A heavy base frame protects the machine during shipping and installation. The hammer tone painted and enclosed cabinet provides excellent protection against corrosion and utilizes heavy gauge steel with welded design that makes it stronger than any other dryer on the market.

Download PDFTumble Dryer, Model: DP-200
Download PDFTumble Dryer, Model: DP-250
Download PDFTumble Dryer, Model: DP-375
Industrial Tumble Dryers
Industrial Tumble Dryers

Our industrial PI series dryers are provided with our flexible and advanced microprocessor. With the touch of a button you can monitor termperatures, drying action and performance with unsurpassed accuracy to ensure trouble free operation. The alphanumeric display is large and easy to read. A cool down and anti-wrinkle feature keeps the machine in a cool down mode after the cycle has finished. The computer makes handling the dryer more safe by verifying airflow and monitoring the termperature sensor.

Download PDFIndustrial Tumble Dryer, Model: PI-225
Download PDFIndustrial Tumble Dryer, Model: PI-325
Download PDFIndustrial Tumble Dryer, Model: PI-475
On-Premise Dryers
On-Premise Dryers

Simple design and robust construction form a true combination of efficiency and durability. All major components are conveniently located for ease of installation and maintenance. The cabinet is heavy duty steel and finished with a durable powder coat paint. Thermally insulated panels are available to increase thermal effeciency. The line is available from 30 to 200 pounds which offers the laundry owner a full range of choice to meet each specific requirement. All Powerline dryer motors are totally enclosed and fan cooled to prevent lint build-up. To prevent tangling, a reversing cylinder is standard on larger dryers.

Download PDFOn-Premise Dryer, Model: PD-35
Download PDFOn-Premise Dryer, Model: PD-50
Download PDFOn-Premise Dryer, Model: PD-75

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